Efficient Budget

The annual detention center budget should be crafted with common sense. Utilizing the manpower within the detention center will make it more self-sustaining, efficient and less expensive for the taxpayers.

Family Engagement

Encouraging family support during incarceration not only improves morale and reduces stress-related violence, it also helps offenders to permanently re-integrate into society sooner and more successfully.

Drug Programs

Drug related crime is the leading cause of local incarceration. Drug programs should be available for the entire inmate population, not just the male offenders (which is the practice in Boyle County today).

Life Skills

The best way to reduce the inmate population is to decrease the incidence of re-incarceration. Re-entry skills (life skills) help individuals who are released to become better, more productive citizens.

Rita Douglas

for Boyle County Jailer

The Right Woman. The Right Experience.

I have always been passionate about corrections. There are very few opportunities in this world to completely change an individual's life for the better. This is an opportunity that is often overlooked in our society. Bringing human decency back into the corrections field can make all the difference in outcomes. It can make all the difference in an individual's life.

I know that working simultaneously with the individual, with the families, and with the community is the best way to improve situations for all of us. I have the experience, the education and the desire to make our local detention center a better, safer, more humane facility.

  • Over a Decade of Experience as a Correctional Unit Administrator Supervising 450-500 Inmates
  • Managing 6-20 Corrections Staff
  • Pre-Release Coordinator, Parole Officer, Grievance Hearing Officer
  • Liaison Between School-Aged Children and the Court System
  • Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, Juvenile Justice and Criminal Justice
  • Current Member of American Correctional Association (ACA)
  • Gary Prestigiacomo, Deputy Warden - Retired, KY Department of Corrections
    Boyle County voters will soon have the opportunity to elect Rita Douglas as their next Jailer. I served with Rita for many years on the Board of Directors for the Kentucky Council on Crime and Delinquency. Under Rita's strong leadership, the Herrington Lake Chapter was second to none. In addition to her commitment and exceptional leadership skills, Rita possesses a wealth of Corrections experience. It is this experience that will give Rita the ability to run a secure, safe and cost effective jail. And, her plan to increase treatment and programs for the incarcerated is outstanding. Please vote to elect Rita Douglas as Boyle County Jailer.
    Gary Prestigiacomo, Deputy Warden - Retired, KY Department of Corrections
  • Dave Gilpin, Retired Kentucky Department of Corrections & Retired Core Civic (National Private Corrections Company)
    I would like to endorse Rita Douglas for Boyle County Jailer. I have over Forty (40) years in Corrections. I worked with Rita Douglas while a Deputy Warden at North Point Training Center. Rita was a Unit Administrator and I found her to be very knowledgeable and dedicated to Corrections. I believe her training, education, and work experience makes her an OUTSTANDING choice for the Jailer in Boyle County.

    Dave Gilpin, Retired Kentucky Department of Corrections & Retired Core Civic (National Private Corrections Company)
  • Chief Merl Baldwin, Junction City Police Department
    I am personally endorsing your candidacy for Boyle County Jailer. I believe your election to this position will help advance the solutions to the growing number of issues at hand with the detention center.

    I look forward to working with you and wish you the best on your campaign.

    Chief Merl Baldwin, Junction City Police Department
  • Susan Kay Coontz Music
    With the knowledge and intelligence you have of the corrections systems, you are the only candidate for BOYLE COUNTY JAILER! As a lifetime resident of the county, you personally know the many problems of the present jail system. Let’s clean up this mess and vote for Rita Douglas!!!

    Susan Kay Coontz Music

Want to Help Me Become Your Boyle County Jailer?

  • Talk to me about your concerns about the Boyle County Detention Center

  • Talk to your neighbors and ask them to support my campaign and cast their vote for Rita Douglas for Boyle County Jailer.

  • Vote for me in the Primary on May 22, 2018 and again in the General Election on November 6, 2018.

  • Donate. (Even a $1.00 donation will help me to get elected!)

  • Volunteer! I will need you (even just a few hours of your time) between now and the election.

Learn More About Corrections

Corrections requires more patience, compassion and education to be effective. With law enforcement, once the offender is captured and put behind bars, their job is over. That is when a corrections professional's job begins.

Corrections professionals have to classify individuals based on their security levels in order to keep them and others safe. Corrections professionals assign treatment programs based on the criminal history of the individual.

Corrections professionals have the goal of protecting the public while providing the individuals in their care with the tools and skills they need to become a productive citizen again -- or for the first time.

Corrections is no place for a "cowboy" mentality. It is a place for leadership, fairness, compassion, and education by people who genuinely care about their fellowman.

There are a number of ways to reduce costs at the Boyle County Detention Center:
  • Use the inmates to do physical labor within the jail, such as: sanitation, laundry, kitchen chores, meal preparation and basic maintenance.
  • Inmates can mentor and educate others inmates in areas such as reading skills, writing, meal preparation, how to do laundry, as well as other useful vocational skills.
  • Contracts with providers need to be scrutinized to be sure that the quality and the price for services secured are best available.
  • Grants for programs, services and physical plant improvements need to be pursued diligently.
These are only a few of the opportunities I would like to investigate as Boyle County Jailer to improve the current conditions and outcomes at the Boyle County Detention Center.
Outstanding employees are integral to corrections success. Encouraging excellent employee morale inside the detention center will help recruit and retain the best employees. Superior employee morale will also improve interactions between staff and offenders. Employees who are appreciated and respected will work together to identify and help to implement new methods to improve the Boyle County Detention Center.

Professional leadership with advanced education in corrections, an understanding of the family's perspective, and the hands-on experience in corrections administration is essential to the betterment of the detention center.

A confident, experienced leader will encourage input from staff. She will work with employees to implement the best of those ideas to constantly improve the facility, the work environment and the proper, humane care of offenders.

The Boyle County Jailer should offer compassionate guidance to the families of the offenders. She needs to have the drive, ability and staff involvement to design and implement programs to help offenders successfully re-enter society.

Successful corrections programs require a strong team.
The day someone is incarcerated, the re-entry programs should begin. These life skills classes are particularly important to help those with less serious offences to get a new direction in life.

These life skills will help individuals re-enter their community and become contributing members of society. This means they will be able to get back to their life and their care and the expense of incarceration will be removed from the tax payers. Life Skills May Include
  • Employment Skills
    • Resume Writing/How to Interview/Dressing for Interviews
  • Financial Skills
    • Personal Budgeting/How to Open a Bank Account/How to Balance A Checkbook
  • Family & Personal Skills
    • Parenting Classes/Relationship Building/How To Replace Bad Influences with Better Connections/How to Seek Support Groups
  • House & Home Skills
    • How to find affordable housing/How to maintain a household/How to Shop for Groceries/How to Cook Healthy, Affordable Meals
    • The average sentence length of inmates in Kentucky is 13 years.
    • The average Kentucky inmate is 37 years of age.
    • The Kentucky State Penitentiary, located in Eddyville, Ky., is the oldest prison in the United States.
    • Jefferson County's Jail is the largest in the state offering 1,791 beds compared to Boyle County's 275 beds.
    • Inmate Profiles as of February 15, 2018: Males 9,392, Females 2,226 incarcerated in Kentucky Jails.
    • The last death row inmate put to death by Electrocution was Harold McQueen 7/1/97.
    • The last death row inmate executed in Kentucky was Marco Allen Chapman by lethal injection 11/21/2008.
    • There is one female on death row, Virginia Caudill, sentenced March 24, 2000.
    • There are 33 inmates on death row awaiting execution at the Kentucky State Penitentiary located in Eddyville, KY.








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